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  • To all vegetable growers in our community!

    To all vegetable growers in our community!

    I have an idea!

    Many of you grow beautiful produce each year, and I know you often grow too much.

    I would like to invite you, any time from now to bring spare vegetable or fruit plants, and vegetables and fruit into the clinic so that we can support our community with home grown produce made witb love and full of Qi. What a gift!

    We will be setting up a table in the hallway at Hoton.

    Donations will be put into a fund for making our services more available to those who cannot access us financially.

    Those who donate the produce will be invited onto a clinic circle that will help decide who can benefit from the funds raised, and how they might be used.

    Another dream of mine is to secure some outside space that is near to the clinic and can be used for retreats, workshops, outside cooking, plus a community market garden.

    Dreaming time is a favourite hobby, and without it, my life would feel very different. We are all powerful manifestors and this inner quiet planning means much less efforting at the other end, when action is needed.

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    East meds West Podcast

    East meds West from Dr. Carolyn Eddleston.

    Exploring the collision and collaboration of Eastern and Western cultures. Starting with medicine and wellbeing, but opening up to broader philosophies and ideas.

    Dr. Carolyn Eddleston, uniquely positioned as a registered GP and a practising Traditional Acupuncturist, delves into contemporary thinking and ancient philosophies of life, and brings them out of the consulting room into the wider world by interviewing inspiring leaders in health, science and creative industries.

    This has been a refreshing and fun project that will evolve with time.

    All episodes available here

  • End of year news, and the magic of wintering!

    End of year news, and the magic of wintering!

    We're at a profound moment of transition, and we all know it.

    This moment can be felt in our bones, in our joy, in our grief, in our spirit, and in every aspect of relationship with each other, and with the way our world has been organised.

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  • The Winter Solstice

    The Winter Solstice

    A beautiful reflection of this season, drawn by an incredible artist, Yael Bernhard, who collaborated with our guest Practitioner Daven Lee, to create a beautiful deck of cards that guide you to a place of quiet knowing and restoration with soothing words and exquisite artwork.

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  • Integrative Cranioscaral Therapy

    Integrative Cranioscaral Therapy

    Daven Lee returns to offer this equisite treatment

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  • A change is in the air.

    A change is in the air.

    Seasonal Changes

    I will be sending more seasonal information as Autumn arrives, but just pause and notice the nip in the air, the nights drawing in. The natural world is getting ready to contract, slow, cool down, and so must we if we are to transition healthily during the next few months.

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  • East meds West Podcast episode 8. - Social Mindfulness: hope in a time of crisis.

    East meds West Podcast episode 8. - Social Mindfulness: hope in a time of crisis.

    I would love you to take a listen to episode 8 of my podcast East meds West, where I chat to Mark leonard, who has developed MBOE, Mindfulness based organisational education. It made me re-think mindfulness, and the power of the group process, and how it can change behaviour, and have far-reaching social and cultural effects. you can listen using the following link, or search for East meds West on your podcast player of choice.

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    Tai Chi

    Ellie is starting another 4 week block of Tai Chi, which is suitable for all levels. They are held at the clinic, on Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm.

    The dates are 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th September. £32 for the block. Please

    book online.

  • Carolyn Eddleston appearing at

    Carolyn Eddleston appearing at "The Thriving Community Summit"

    Carolyn Eddleston appearing at "The Thriving Community Summit" Monday 25th April to Friday 29th April

    Free pass available online.

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  • East meds West Podcast episode 5. - Yin Yang BUSTED!!

    East meds West Podcast episode 5. - Yin Yang BUSTED!!

    Yin Yang BUSTED!!

    The big deception.

    Listen to Nick Haines blow the whole masculine feminine social construct to pieces.

    Prepare to be re-wired!

    At the moment that a universal concept such as Yin Yong is falsely misrepresented as feminine masculine, we change a culture globally, with drastic consequences.

    Listen online or alternatively find links to all major podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, Pocketcasts, etc.

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