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Holistic Medical Consultations

Dr. Carolyn Eddleston offers unique Holistic Medical Consultations, either in person, or remotely.She sits comfortably between the two worlds of Traditional and Complementary systems of medicine, having worked as an NHS GP for 25 years, and as a Traditional Acupuncturist for 20.This service offers protected time to discuss your individual health issues, whether they be physical or emotional/mental. Carolyn then researches relevant topics, with the intention that you leave the process feeling more empowered to make informed decisions. It is very common in the Western Medical model to feel overwhelmed, especially if you do not fit into a specific diagnostic category, or all possible treatment and/or investigations have been carried out, and you are still feeling unwell.

The process begins with an e-mail exchange to plan the session, and gather relevant information. The consultation time is up to half an hour, and this is then followed up with an e-mail summary of the session.

Carolyn is not a private GP. She does not make Western Medical diagnoses, or provide laboratory testing or examinations.

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