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  • Acu-gong

    with Carolyn Eddleston and sound practitioner Katrina Berry

    Friday, 12th January 2024 - 7:00 PM

    Price: £60

    Location: Seagrave Memorial Hall, Green Lane, Seagrave, LE12 7LU

    Blending two ancient medicines, Acu-gong utilises Acupuncture to open up doorways into your internal world, so that you receive the healing frequencies of a sound bath in a deeper way. This experience is tailored to you as an individual, but also utilises the co-creative power of the collective in a sacred and safe setting.

    We begin the evening opening the circle with guided meditation and breath work and facilitated intention setting. We then move into the treatment for approximately an hour, where you’ll receive needles by Carolyn, in specific energy points relevant to your intention and current health according to your pulses, while Kat builds up steady waves of sound.

    After the session we allow for grounding (there’s cake!) and sharing (optional) before closing our circle and ceremony.