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The gut microbiome. Free discussion by zoom. Tuesday 25th May 6-7pm

The gut microbiome. Free discussion by zoom. Tuesday 25th May 6-7pm

This is a microscopic ecosystem that lives in our digestive tract, and includes bacteria and yeasts. We have evolved with these microbes over thousands of years. There is a huge amount of evidence now to support the fact that a healthy gut biome actually influences our digestive function, immune system, cardiovascular health, and mental health (gut-brain axis)

Join Christina Georgallou and myself for a free 1 hour evening discussion on the importance of keeping our microbiome in balance and the things we can do to support it. There will be plenty of time for questions.

We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to ask an expert like Christina questions.
Christina has a BSc.(Hons) in Physiology and a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. She is a registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in Gut health and part of the Optibac family, where she works to communicate the latest research into the microbiome and probiotics to her fellow practitioners and their clients.

To register, simply reply to this e-mail, and I'll send you the zoom invitation.

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I had to include this photo of a gorgeous gift of honeycomb from one of Kaye's beehives! Some has been devoured on hot white toast and butter. So Yummy!

There is a huge range of emotions engulfing us at the moment, from fear and anxiety, through to the palpable excitement of sitting having a coffee or beer outside a pub! There is no right way, and the Daoist philosophy that underpins Chinese Medicine reminds us to walk the middle path, with kindness and compassion for our fellow beings and the Earth that holds us. Finding what we need to stay as steady as we can amidst this potential Global shift in awareness. We can only change our perception and reaction, not anybody elses.

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Spring is here, and yet it's been a slow start! It's really important to move our bodies at this time of year, and if you struggle to exercise, deep. slow abdominal breathing and visualising walking or exercising has an effect!

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The stagnant energy that we sense in nature is also having an effect on our tendons and ligaments. I am certainly feeling stiff in my body.