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It's late Summer. A time to pause...

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Change is a constant in life. Adapting to that change is the challenge that we all face. The natural world continues to be our greatest teacher, and I believe that when we walk with Mother Earth with no fight, but with kindness and compassion, our lives have a sense of ease and purpose. We all have times that are in opposition to this flow, but we can expand and grow through these difficult times with some support and self awareness. The ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reminds us of our unique human position, being held between Heavan and Earth.
The external world is loud and quite unsettling globally, but we can choose to engage or not. Remaining steady and detached does not mean that we do not care. It simply means that we care deeply about our own mental and physical health. When we are taking great care, then we have the energy and resources to serve others. In this newsletter, I will talking about;

  • Ellie's return as Tai Chi instructor!
  • A change in administrative support.
  • Some simple Covid facts
  • Preparing for treatments, and aftercare.
  • Seasonal advice.

I am thrilled to announce Ellie's return to Cycles of Change with a new hat, Tai Chi instructor. We are very sad to see our present instructor, Mick Mangan, move to Bristol, but so pleased that the small classes of 6 can continue. These will commence again in the Autumn, so do let me know if you are interested, as there are a couple of spaces available for beginners or those who have already tried some Tai Chi before. Tai Chi really enhances what we do in the clinic, and is suitable for all ages and abilities. It uses slow body movements and the breath to cultivate our internal energetic organ systems.

Jo, who has supported myself and our team, quietly and efficiently in the background for the past 5 years, has stepped down to give herself some more time for the rest of life's demands. She will be missed.
Please use the clinic telephone 01509621122, or e-mail for any changes or requests for appointments.

Some simple Covid facts that I have come across recently; The vaccines do not appear to necessarily prevent catching the Delta variant of Covid, but cases are less severe. The Delta variant is very contagious, and once symptoms appear, the lateral flow tests done at home are often negative, therefore a PCR test is recommended. Please do not attend the clinic if you have any cold-like symptoms, unless you have had a negative PCR test, which is sent off to a lab.
It is a good idea to be taking Vitamin D from now, if you are not already. We do sell these at the clinic, and they're very reasonable.
I'd also like to remind you all that fear and chronic stress are detrimental to the immune system, and I am hearing a lot of distress in the clinic about perceived lack of freedom. I would recommend some simple places or events to explore, to remind you what you love to do, that feel relatively safe.

A quick note about preparing for treatments, and aftercare. Your treatment session is a sacred space and time for you to deeply relax and receive.We would recommend eating and drinking something in the couple of hours before your session. Do remember to wear loose clothes and to bring a blanket as the temperature drops. We are still having to be careful about restricted linen, and face protection etc. at the moment.
After your treatment, it can take hours for the body to respond and react, so try and create some stillness or gentle walking afterwards, stay hydrated, be curious about your body and mind after the session, and avoid alcohol that day if you can.

This season is unique to TCM: Late summer, where everything is at its fullest for just a few weeks. Mother Earth pauses before the contraction of Autumn. The stomach and spleen are the most vulnerable organs now. They control a lot of the digestive processes and our muscles. These organs are prone to damp and phlegm, which can then collect in the lungs and sinuses. The emotions linked to late Summer are worry and rumination, the need to understand. Start to move away from raw foods and salads, to root vegetables, soups and roasted vegetables. A little ginger will help too.

I hope you continue to feel safe and nurtured in our beautiful clinic space, and do always give us feedback as to how to improve our services.

Continue to take great care of yourselves, particularly as the season changes.

Carolyn and the Cycles of Change team.