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End of year news, and the magic of wintering!

End of year news, and the magic of wintering!

We're at a profound moment of transition, and we all know it.

This moment can be felt in our bones, in our joy, in our grief, in our spirit, and in every aspect of relationship with each other, and with the way our world has been organised.
These are the words that really hit me the other day when I read them, from one of my teachers, Francis Rico.
In order to thrive and expand in this privileged human experience of life, we must realise that we can take responsibility for our own reality, our thoughts, what we give focus and energy and attention to, as it will grow. We can be vigilant in tending to our internal environment, in order to flourish in 2024.
The isolated, closed, reactive way of living is not working. These words are stronger than usual for me, as I sense an urgency in the need for an internal upgrade, individually and collectively as we join hands, holding tight to kindness, compassion and hope.
If you choose to continue to watch, focus on, and join the despair of all that is unravelling in the world, you will be unable to stay healthy and express your full gifts to the world. The same is true of illness. You cannot heal, whilst being focused on the illness. The frequency of problem is different to that of solution....
I am seeing this clearly in the clinic, and my work moving forwards, is to enable people to fast track their healing journeys back to openness and full expression, rather than focusing on illness.
Obviously my Western Medical background allows me to bridge the divide between modern medicine, great for life and death issues (and yet struggling to provide a basic service) and the ancient medical models, including Traditional Chinese medicine, which honour the individual and our intimate connection and relationship with the natural environment.
I continue to offer holistic medical consultations remotely or in person, for those wanting the time to talk about their health challenges.
My own studies over the last couple of years have been subtly changing the way I access Chinese medicine, and then bring it to you.
With a strong team of 4 of us now, we all offer slightly different ways of balancing your internal organ systems using this ancient system of medicine that has changed our lives for the better and yours too, we believe.
Our bookings are available on-line. Initial sessions are 1 hour long, follow-ups usually 45 minutes .We are always happy for you to relax before and after in the reception area. You will be called in at the time of your treatment. The environment that we provide is a big part of your experience, and our invitation for you to slow down, and relax. This is when the healing takes place, not when we are busy dong.
Be aware that sessions with Carolyn can only be booked 1 month in advance, so go onto the booking calendar at on 1st of each month for booking the following month. It is also worth checking for any cancellations. She is now booking for February only.

Our annual price changes take place on 1st January 2024.
Prices are as follows
Carolyn New consultation £97. Follow-ups £90
Holistic medical sessions in-person or zoom £195, including pre and post-consultation e-mails.
Julie New consultation £75. Follow-ups £70
Kaye New consultation £70 Follow-ups £66
James New consultation £65 Follow-ups £60
Daven £85 Daven is here in January and can be booked online using the following link.

There are some very exciting events occurring next year, including in-person workshops and zoom events. Qigong teaching, plus refresher classes, and ongoing monthly meetings in the Outwoods for our expanding Qigong community. Individual sound healing sessions, Acugong in Seagrave village hall in March and much more! These events will be posted on our website within the next few weeks, and I will let you know the dates in the new year.
You are a very precious community of incredible people, that we are keen to celebrate and bring together in community as much as we can. Together we are stronger and can support each other, avoiding feelings of isolation, or lack of purpose. Thank you all for your loyalty and trust in us as practitioners.
Have a rest if you can, and match this season with some serious wintering and restoring, ready for the Spring.

Love from the team at Cycles of Change!