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East meds West  Podcast episode 3. Fate, luck or destiny.

East meds West Podcast episode 3. Fate, luck or destiny.

I am really excited to share this episode of East meds West with you. Creating this particular episode has been quite a journey. Stepping way out of the comfort of the clinic setting, interviewing someone in the world of advertising, and learning to edit the whole thing, has been really fascinating for me personally.

Luck, Fate and Destiny.

In Episode 3 we invite our first guest. I chat to Andy Nairn, co-founder of the International advertising agency Lucky Generals and rated by Business Insider as one of the top 5 Creative people in world advertising.

Our discussion explores the ancient concepts of Luck, Fate and Destiny, often taboo or dismissed in the west, but celebrated and embraced in many other parts of the world. We talk about cornflakes, stallions and whether luck is made or inherited. Take a listen and see which side of the debate you find yourself on.
You can listen by searching for East meds West podacst on your chosen player, such as spotify, apple music, google player, or click on the link below to listen now.