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Autumn has arrived. It's Ok to feel sad.

Autumn has arrived.

It is always a slight shock to me, the transition into Autumn, even though I know it's coming! The whole of the Northern hemisphere starts to contract and cool down, calm down, prepare, clear, de-clutter, let go.

I watched with wonder as a hedgehog in our garden busied itself one day, coming out from under its wood pile, collecting mouthfuls of leaves, and scuttling back under to prepare its winter bed.

We are once again being invited to adapt, to change to match our natural environment. This adaptation, both physically and emotionally, supports our bodies and mind. There is internal space for flow and movement.

The metal element

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each season corresponds to a natural element, colour, taste and smell, and Autumn corresponds to the metal element, the colour bright white, (the sun is blindingly white in Autumn) the pungent taste and the smell is rotten! The metal element is also linked to the following in TCM

  • lungs and large intestine (hence onset of colds and tummy upsets) The lungs also link to skin.
  • letting go, like the leaves on the trees, emotionally and physically, and receiving with slow abdominal breathing.
  • emotional sadness and grief, expressed, not pushed down.

Foods to eat at this time to support the lungs and large intestine, are rice, oats, fresh ginger, horseradish, seaweed (Kaye has some foraged and dried for sale), the entire onion family, cabbage, broccoli, apples, mushrooms, pears, sweet potato. Avoid mucus forming foods like cow dairy products, pork, peanuts, hydrogenated oil, juices, excessive bananas, pineapple, refined sugar, or cold, raw and frozen foods. Warm drinks are preferable too.

I found myself walking yesterday in the sunshine, but my awareness was in my head, lost in busy thoughts. I wasn't receiving the information and beauty surrounding me. So I stopped, picked up 2 conkers, and played with them in my hands whilst reciting in my head a simple mantra, Awen (ahhwen) which is a pagan term meaning flowing spirit. I breathed slowly, slowed down my pace, and within seconds, felt calmer, kinder to myself and more receptive to the Autumnal abundance. We don't have to be experts to change our inner world quite quickly. It's really the only thing we have control over in this crazy world we are living in. If we wait for external circumstances to change before we can feel better, we will be waiting for a long time!

Watch and follow the leaves if you can. Let go of some clutter in your lives and minds. it feels so good to create a bit of space. You may well feel the sadness of the season, and that's perfectly natural. We attach so much pressure with needing to feel good, but both sides of the yinyang coin need to be aired and expressed.

Do book in with one of us if you feel like a treatment and seasonal tune-up would benefit you. We are still being very careful with our Covid precautions ,so please do bring a blanket with you as we are unable to use our lovely soft coverings at present.

We are all on this peculiar journey together, all seeking some balance and peace. Our little COCA community is precious, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my witterings!

Stay warm, and embrace the change.

Carolyn and the COCA team.