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    Changes in the New Year

    We had a really productive practice meeting a couple of weeks ago, shared a yummy soup, and got excited about the future of COCA. I feel so blessed to have Kaye and Julie to co-create with.

    We all admitted to feeling the contraction of Autumn, and finding it tough to get out of bed in the mornings!

    The most important outcomes were as follows;

    Online Booking

    From January 2022, we will be offering online booking services for initial and follow up consultations from the website, with each of us. Payment will be made at the time of booking, and re-scheduling will be possible up to 48 hours before the appointment. For those of you that wish to book in and pay at the time of treatment, this will still be available. This system will give you automated e-mail confirmation, and text and e-mail reminders, which we do manually at present.

    New Prices

    From January 2002, there will be a small price increase. Our prices have only changed twice in the past 6 years.

    Initial consultation and treatment:
    Kaye and Julie £65 
    Carolyn £85

    Follow-up appointments:
    Kaye and Julie £58
    Carolyn £78

      We look forward to supporting your health as this year draws to a close. Look out for some seasonal winter tips in December.

      Carolyn, Kaye and Julie.

    • 10% off Optibac probiotics to optimise gut health

      10% off Optibac probiotics to optimise gut health

      Last year, many of you attended an online presentation by the British company Optibac that are family run, and just produce and research different strains of probiotics for maintaining gut health, and for supporting different conditions ranging from bowel problems to raised cholesterol, women's intimate health, allergies and immune strengthening.They cater for all ages, including babies and toddlers. If you missed the presentation, you can watch it on our website under the menu option news, then Optibac Probiotics.

      From now until February 2022, you can apply the discount code CEddleston at the checkout to receive 10%off all products. Orders must be placed on the following website

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      Saturday Appointments in available in 2022

      From February 2022, Julie will be working alternate Saturdays, which is fantastic news for those of you with limited weekday availability.

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      Christmas at Cyles of Change

      We have some lovely products available for sale, many of which are foraged and lovingly created by Kaye. She is making bespoke Christmas hampers agin this year, to collect from the clinic, so do e-mail her with requests.

      We will also be showcasing our unique Cycles of Change Christmas Tree again this year at the Trinity Church Christmas Tree festival in Barrow, on the weekend of 4th December. It's a magical event. We have called out tree Community Immunity!

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      Autumn has arrived. It's Ok to feel sad.

      Autumn has arrived.

      It is always a slight shock to me, the transition into Autumn, even though I know it's coming! The whole of the Northern hemisphere starts to contract and cool down, calm down, prepare, clear, de-clutter, let go.

      I watched with wonder as a hedgehog in our garden busied itself one day, coming out from under its wood pile, collecting mouthfuls of leaves, and scuttling back under to prepare its winter bed.

      We are once again being invited to adapt, to change to match our natural environment. This adaptation, both physically and emotionally, supports our bodies and mind. There is internal space for flow and movement.

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      It's late Summer. A time to pause...

      More Cycles of Change.

      Change is a constant in life. Adapting to that change is the challenge that we all face. The natural world continues to be our greatest teacher, and I believe that when we walk with Mother Earth with no fight, but with kindness and compassion, our lives have a sense of ease and purpose. We all have times that are in opposition to this flow, but we can expand and grow through these difficult times with some support and self awareness. The ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reminds us of our unique human position, being held between Heavan and Earth.
      The external world is loud and quite unsettling globally, but we can choose to engage or not. Remaining steady and detached does not mean that we do not care. It simply means that we care deeply about our own mental and physical health. When we are taking great care, then we have the energy and resources to serve others. In this newsletter, I will talking about;

      • Ellie's return as Tai Chi instructor!
      • A change in administrative support.
      • Some simple Covid facts
      • Preparing for treatments, and aftercare.
      • Seasonal advice.

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    • East meds West  Podcast episode 3. Fate, luck or destiny.

      East meds West Podcast episode 3. Fate, luck or destiny.

      I am really excited to share this episode of East meds West with you. Creating this particular episode has been quite a journey. Stepping way out of the comfort of the clinic setting, interviewing someone in the world of advertising, and learning to edit the whole thing, has been really fascinating for me personally.

      Luck, Fate and Destiny.

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      Pop-up market stall outside the clinic. Sunday 4th July

      Our last pop-up event was the cafe, which was so popular! We are one of the many Barrow small businesses selling our wares on Sunday in the driveway. There will be a map available of all businesses, so you could make a nice walk around the village, and buy some local produce and gifts!

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    • Our New Podcast

      Our New Podcast "East meds West"

      A new podcast from Dr. Carolyn Eddleston. East meds West explores the collision and collaboration of Eastern and Western cultures. Starting with medicine and wellbeing, but opening up to broader philosophies and ideas.

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    • Probiotics Webinar - Replay Available

      Probiotics Webinar - Replay Available

      Replay of the webinar on "The Gut Microbiome" by Christina Georgallou and Carolyn Eddleston covering the importance of keeping our microbiome in balance and the things we can do to support it. Recorded 25th May 2021.

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