Cycles of Change

Traditional Chinese Medicine from a Doctor-led team

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Your first step is to have a brief telephone consultation with our GP practitioner, Dr. Carolyn Eddleston.

At this point, you may well know what therapy you want. If, however, you are a little unsure, together you will discuss your health concerns and which therapies are right for you. Initial consultations and treatments last 1 hour, follow-ups from 45 minutes.

You have the reassurance that Carolyn will bring her 25 years of experience as a GP to your initial free telephone consultation in order to guide you to the practitioner with the most expertise for your individual circumstances.

Cycles of Change offers personal, tailored treatment for a wide range of conditions, using Traditional Acupuncture, Tui Na and Shiatsu. We offer an uplifting experience that begins the moment you enter our recently refurbished, beautiful grade 2 listed building. We are here to guide you on your own healing journey.

Holistic medical Skype, email or telephone consultations

Dr Carolyn Eddleston offers remote Holistic, medical consultations via telephone, Skype or email.  Prices begin at £90, payable in advance.  This provides an opportunity to discuss all aspects of your health and lifestyle, utilising Carolyn's unique knowledge of Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Documented over 2000 years ago, Acupuncture has been shown scientifically to increase the body’s release of natural painkillers – endorphins and serotonin - in the pain pathways within the spinal cord and brain. This changes the way pain signals are received. People often notice an improved sense of wellbeing after treatment too.

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Although Japanese in origin, Shiatsu uses the same meridian and point system as Acupuncture, pressure and gentle body movement, whilst fully-clothed on the couch. It supports, aligns and strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself. It can reduce stress and improve wellbeing, as well as supporting specific conditions.

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Tui Na

Tui Na (pronounced as Twee Nah) is a hands on therapeutic body treatment. You remain clothed and treatment may be done on a chair or the couch.

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