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Winter Newsletter

This year has flown by with great highs and great lows for most of us, but the Taoist philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would not judge the happy from the sad, the light from the dark, the yang from the yin, as great clarity and desire for transformation comes from the darkest times in our lives. These are the times that often bring you to our door.  You all teach me so much. It is a great privilege to share so many chapters of life with you all. One lovely lady, who I visit in Barrow, has been having Acupuncture for about 17 years with me!

Winter is here, and if you walk outside, and pause long enough to really notice, everything is contracted, still and quiet. To stay healthy, and honour the cycles of seasons that flow within us, honouring our unique stance, and connection with nature, the sky, sun and planets above us, and the earth beneath our feet, we should also slow down....
This brings me nicely to the festive season. It can be magical for some, painful and sad for others.  Yin and yang again!

Anyway, before I get carried away, the two organs that are most vulnerable during this season are the kidneys and the bladder, the water element in TCM. This may explain why I am constantly tucking tops into trousers and laying my hot water bottle across my lower back. The emotion they are linked to is fear, and they are also connected to the ears, lower back, and the reproductive system.Hydration with room temperature or warm water is recommended and walnuts and kidney beans are good too! Unchlorinated water on rising in the morning apparently has great health benefits!

A quick clinic update. I think we are unique in what we offer, and the way we work so closely. We are a family who care about you, each other, and ourselves. I don't show off my team enough.  For the first time in over 3 years, there will be a price increase by £5 for every treatment modality. This will take place from February 1st 2020

Ellie is missed greatly by us all, but the door stays open to her as she manages her challenging journey through breast cancer. She's attending our team party tomorrow and is strong and fit.

Julie is our senior Acupuncturist, in experience. She also specialises in supporting conception naturally and in conjunction with IVF. She seems to bring a lot of babies into being!

Kerry is our Shiatsu specialist, and everyone I see leaves floating, with a smile on their faces. Kerry often uses Shiatsu in conjunction with Acupuncture from Julie and myself.It seems to be a powerful combination.

Jo, my PA. What can I say? Efficient, polite, friendly, kind, supportive. Dave is a very lucky man! Jo seems to find what I find challenging easy, and she is the backbone to the clinic.

Feedback from you is always encouraged. It is how we reflect and grow.

Other news? We have just 1 space on the Adult Mindfulness 6 week course, if you are in need of some peace in the new year. Our Tai Chi and Children's mindfulness courses are now full, but we do keep a list of interested people.

Well, my short rant is longer than I planned, but I can now put down needles and rest, ready and refreshed for a great 2020!

Keep well, warm and be kind to yourselves!
Carolyn and the Team.