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Winter News

This is the newsletter that always takes me the longest to send; There is a mismatch between what my body is asking of me: hibernation, slowing, rest, sleep, and what the external world is asking of me: spend, organise, plan, co-ordinate.  I feel the internal squabble at this time of year. 
The other day I downed tools and walked in the bright, white winter sunshine and the squabble eased. I felt glad to be alive.

This is the season in Traditional Chinese Medicine that reminds us of the water element. Water always flows downstream, it reaches impenetrable obstacles along its path and yields to them, finding a way round to continue on its eternal journey. It feeds all living things and yet does not tell a soul.

Winter is the season of contraction, and cold. We are asked to still ourselves, pause, and hold the seed of new beginnings that will support new growth in the Spring.
The kidneys and Bladder are our most vulnerable organs during this season and to protect their energy, we are asked to not walk on cold floors, to keep our lower backs warm and to rest more and fear less.Seasonal dietary adjustments support our kidneys; more stews, soups, ginger and warming drinks.

We are thrilled to re-start our Men's Health evenings.Stress, how to recognise it, how it can damage our organ systems and how to manage it practically will be our first topic on Thursday 17th January 7.30pm-8.30pm. Price £5 Booking essential.

Our Women's Wisdom mornings have now been running for a year very successfully and are still open for new ladies. The next one is on Thursday 24th January 11am. £5 Booking advised.

Ellie Roberts, our Tui Na therapist is about to embark on a very exciting Antipodean journey and will be on leave from Monday 21st January and will return to work on April 8th 2019.  You have a few weeks to book in with her. She is also offering relaxing head, face and neck massages £40 for 30 minutes. 

Let's all try and take good care of ourselves over the next few weeks, especially if we are giving a lot out to others, or if we find ourselves feeling alone. The longest day is almost upon us, and yin will soon be transforming to yang.

Cycles of Change wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!