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What is Qi?

What is Qi? 

Qi is our life force energy held within our bodies. It flows along meridians, blood, lymph vessels and connecting organ systems. It is pronounced “Chee” in Chinese or “Key” in Japanese.

We take an holistic approach to treatments to understand you as an individual, your emotions and medical conditions. 

These ancient massage therapies were based on the basic human instinct to “rub yourself better” when there is an injury or pain.  Qi can become blocked within our bodies by injury, external trauma, and invasion of external pathogens or stress.

As we find these blockages, we work on releasing Qi so that it can flow freely through your body. 

When Qi is balanced, you feel alive, relaxed, healthy and more able and confident to deal with life pressures.

Our therapies can treat the following conditions: 

  • Emotional disturbances - Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Grief, Worry
    Sleeping disorders
    Digestive issues
    Menstrual disorders
    Fertility and Pregnancy
    Musculoskeletal – Aches, Joint pain, stiffness, numbness, muscular tension and recurring injuries / weaknesses.

How do we do it?

Shiatsu and Tui Na use a range of different massage and manipulation techniques to work along the meridians or energy network systems using carefully selected acu-points to create a Qi balance, removing Qi stagnation, and tonifying deficient energy, therefore aiding the body to heal itself.

How do they differ and what is right for you?

As these ancient therapies have evolved and been refined over thousands of years, the treatments reflect the different cultures from their country of origin. Tui Na, Chinese and Shiatsu, Japanese. 

Both are based on the meridian system and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including what is known as the 5 elements.  Carolyn will be doing more workshops on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The five elements are based on Taoist principles of living according to the seasons and its principles emotions, hence the seasonal newsletters that you can subscribe to.