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The Mighty Metal Ox!

The Mighty Metal Ox!

There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac that rotate every year. Last year was the year of the rat.There are also five elements that cycle. Last year was the metal element. This creates a 60 year cycle(12x5!) the last metal Ox year was 1961! We had just come out of 2 world wars. Civil rights and peace and love were high on the agenda. Interesting!

Both the animal and the element influence the type of year we may have, according to Chinese Astrology and Numerology. I will explain more in February.

3 simple pieces of advice:

Keep it steady Plod and Plough, in preparation for the future. Collaborate, connect with others.

Release and let go of the old. Be open to the new. Be curious!

Be kind to yourself and others, even if those around you are charging!

Whatever seeds we sow right now, affects what our future looks and feels like.