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The 2020/2021 Transition

I feel a little spark of hope and excitement this week, and I think a bit of sunshine, and uplifting conversations with friends and colleagues has helped.

A few of you have been in contact with me for some support, and both Kaye and Julie reiterated today, that they are available should you wish to contact them.

Today, I want to introduce you to the concept behind Chinese New Year, on Friday 12th February 2021, and how this relates to TCM. Nearer the time, I will be giving you more detailed information and resources from 2 highly qualified local practitioners, who know far more about it all than me!

I also want to give you some clear information about Vitamin D, which we stock, and some basic Covid vaccine advice.

I volunteered to be involved in the vaccination program 3 weeks ago, via NHS England, and had heard nothing originally, which is sadly unsurprising to me, and frustrating, as local medical colleagues are being taken out of vital current specialties to help vaccinate. My sense is that historical NHS inefficiency and bureaucracy have got in the way of service provision.
I have just received a phone call from a local voluntary organisation who I also applied to, and they reckon it'll take a month to process my information! I will now step off my soap box!

The Mighty Metal Ox!

There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac that rotate every year. Last year was the year of the rat.There are also five elements that cycle. Last year was the metal element. This creates a 60 year cycle(12x5!) the last metal Ox year was 1961! We had just come out of 2 world wars. Civil rights and peace and love were high on the agenda. Interesting!
Both the animal and the element influence the type of year we may have, according to Chinese Astrology and Numerology. I will explain more in February.
3 simple pieces of advice:
  • Keep it steady Plod and Plough, in preparation for the future. Collaborate, connect with others.
  • Release and let go of the old. Be open to the new. Be curious!
  • Be kind to yourself and others, even if those around you are charging!
Whatever seeds we sow right now, affects what our future looks and feels like.

Vitamin D
This supplement has recently been endorsed by Public Health England as an important daily supplement for most children and adults, to support bone and muscle health, it may also play a role in the immune response to respiratory viruses. NICE outlines that for most people, including children from 1 year, 10 micrograms or 400 units of vitamin D per day, will be enough to maintain sufficient blood levels in the body of 25(OH)D. They advise that high dose prevention can be detrimental to bones, kidneys and heart.
Certain patients should not take vitamin D. Those with known high calcium levels, kidney stones, or severe kidney disease.
We do stock Higher Nature vitamin D. 120 tiny capsules, gluten, lactose and sugar free, each one being 500units, 12.5micrograms.these cost £9 and can be collected or posted. This is not a vegetarian product but from mid-February, we will also stock a vegetarian brand.

The Vaccine.
If you have chosen to have either of the available vaccines, please be aware, that the first one takes up to 3 weeks to begin to be effective, and it is only after the second vaccine, that you can be more reassured that you are probably immune to the current virus. We do not yet know which mutations of the virus are covered by the present vaccines. Quite a number of people feel generally unwell for a couple of days after the vaccine, so be prepared, but this is not alarming.

I hope I haven't sent you to sleep with these facts, but I know how overwhelming the virtual world can be, with access to so much contradicting information.

You are a strong, kind community and we all strive to live life fully and with strong health in our bodies and minds. We are here for you all.
From your team of practitioners at Cycles of Change.