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Reopening: Science meets with intuition!

The clinic closed on the evening of March 20th.That's 15 weeks! A lot happens in that time.
Many have thrived during this unique time of simplification and self reflection. Many have really suffered at many levels, financially, physically and emotionally. You can rest assured that your unique experience will be honoured and listened to confidentially, and without judgment. We all need to share our stories to heal and transform.
We have the most wonderful announcement; Kerry has a little girl, Marcie, born on Saturday 20th June. She is quite beautiful!
Myself, Julie and Kaye met in our now Covid-19 secure clinic this week, and ran through the many procedures that are now necessary to protect ourselves and you from spreading this virus. 
We had planned to open next week, BUT with the viral spike in Leicester, it felt intuitively wrong. I am assessing the figures and my common sense daily, and will let you all know several days before opening, so that you can all book in with us. The doors will not be opening before 20th July.
I am really grateful to work in an environment that meets the same requirements as NHS clinics.I have absolute confidence that we are following scientific and government guidelines, backed up by the British Acupuncture Council, who have been really professional in their guidance. I thought I'd ease you into some of the changes to expect when you see us soon. 

What to expect when we open our doors

We are all so looking forward to seeing you in the clinic.
No hugs yet I'm afraid!  Much laughter guaranteed though, when you see us all in PPE!
The best way to pay for sessions would be before you arrive, by bank transfer. No cash please. We do have a card machine and we could put through 2 contactless payment, as the maximum transaction is now £40. We are wiping the machine with 70% alcohol, virus-killing wipes before and after use.
Just before your appointment, we will ask you to wait in your cars until you receive a text or call from your practitioner to say that the door is open and you can enter. You will be asked to wear your own mask on entering. We can provide a mask if necessary. Alcohol gel will be available at the entrance for you to disinfect your hands.We will also check your temperature with an infrared scanner pointed at your forehead. This is not a gun!
We will be wearing scrubs and masks, but will be smiling through our eyes!
A lot of the material touches around the clinic have had to be temporarily removed to improve hygiene,and aid cleaning protocols, and we will be seeing approximately half of our usual numbers to allow for cleaning and social distancing. We are trying to not use the reception area, so carers will be asked to wait in the car.
If you are on the vulnerable or extremely vulnerable list, do contact me if you haven't already done so. We have reduced the risk to you as much as is possible with our strict protocols that we are all following.

When the diary is open to bookings I will let you know. After agreeing your appointment, an e-mail will be sent to you with information and a waiver to sign to say that you are not at immediate risk of having Covid-19.This must be completed before we see you, and can be sent remotely to us.

We do really appreciate your patience, loyalty and trust in us as a clinic. I feel confident that we can continue to support you, whilst immersed in this peculiar new pandemic world, and that we can all learn to thrive despite the restrictions placed on us.
Don't forget to enjoy the summer. The heart and fire energy are at their highest, reminding us to be creative and playful, to find fun and silliness in little moments during the day.