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Important News from Cycles of Change

Summer is almost here. It's been an unsteady start for our bodies.
As you know, as a group, we are committed to your well-being as well as our own.
We were all in disbelief as Ellie returned from a routine mammogram having been told that they had found a cancer in very early stages. Even the consultant couldn't feel any lump!
Ellie is incredibly fit and well, and we are here for her as she takes some time from July to recover fully.
Ellie does have a few slots still available in June. For those of you who booked in July, Jo will be in touch to offer you our other body therapy, Shiatsu, with Kerry.
We all walk the same path as you in our special team - finding our way towards ease, flow and health, attempting to manage and accept what life throws at all of us along the way. It is easy to become fearful when you are labelled with a disease, but if we can help you remain steady, and support you with Traditional Chinese Medical wisdom, the path can feel so much easier. Have faith in your body's ability to heal. I see it all the time. Our bodies are programmed to thrive. Our challenge is to trust that, no matter what others tell us. We get in the way of our own healing with our resistant thoughts, often subconscious.
Summer is just around the corner. The heart needs joy and fun to feed its fire.
Be playful!