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Happy Chinese New Year 2020

Today marks a year of new beginnings and renewals, as we enter the year of the Metal Rat. There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac system, and 5 elements for each animal, making a 60 year cycle. Our last metal rat year was 1960! Your own animal and element can be calculated on Dr. Google by entering your month and year of birth. I am an earth monkey (no surprises there!).

I am not a great one for New Year's resolutions, but I use the Christmas break to reflect on how I want the New Year to feel. My aim for the clinic is to nurture compassion, connection and kindness within our beautiful healing centre, and into the wider community.Over the years, I have connected with a small number of highly skilled, like-minded complementary practitioners who I am starting to invite as guests into the clinic to share their skills.In the Spring we are planning 2 very unique events; A fertility and pregnancy interactive Saturday evening on 14th March,with our Cycles of change pregnancy and fertility experts, Kerry and Julie,Phillipa Jackson, a local Hypnobirthing expert, and Jo Helcke, our local pre and post-natal exercise expert.

On Monday March 2nd, Jane Eaton will be providing a launch day to provide Cycles of Change clients with a unique luxury Gua Sha, Cupping and Aromatherapy facial treatment, new to the East Midlands! Details to follow. Save the dates!

I am always amused by the yearly forecast. Your personal sign will interact with the year differently to another animal sign and element, which makes sense, but there are some general predictions which I thought I'd share with you.

Rats in our society are often viewed as vermin, disease-carrying pests. In fact they are intelligent, active and resourceful characters.
All zodiac signs will have a strong, prosperous, lucky and healthy year.  Sounds good to me!
2020 is a year for productivity and creative energy. Harvesting and completing the skills we have, and the jobs that are not yet completed. A year to find solutions. A year to sow a few new seeds or projects. There is a playfulness about 2020.

We have a choice in every moment to deliberately choose a better feeling thought. To emotionally swim downstream with the current rather than battling upstream with our noisy minds that tell us they are in charge, with the story of well practised, often self-deprecating thoughts.

My observations of those that thrive and transform has led to me to notice that we must take care of our internal environment to manage the ever challenging external environment. This can be done with the breath, connecting with nature, physical movement,We must take care with what we digest, physically and emotionally,with what we watch and read,and who we spend time with. Traditional Chinese medicine encourages the internal environment via meridians and organ systems to flow, enhancing balance and promoting healing and health.

Happy New year!