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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Metal Ox.

I have combined the wisdom of two incredible local practitioners to help guide us in through 2021, making the best of the way the land is lying.

The Ox is an animal that oozes strength and reliability. It moves slowly and steadily, ploughing the impenetrable earth methodically, with purpose. If we can follow this example, we are given hope for a new outlook and future. The metal element gives this sense of quality, looking for what is missing, but also what is precious and important to us. I guarantee that life for all of us at some level has changed, possibly slowed or at least simplified over the past 11 months. Almost a year of our lives!

  • We are encouraged to eat simply, seasonally, and nutritiously.
  • To balance Yin and Yang, rest and activity, body and mind.
  • To attempt to stay steady, even if those around us are challenging us! Walk away. Put some space between you and them, until you feel kinder.
  • Put some boundaries in place to protect and prioritise your self- kindness/ cultivation practice, which will continue to build your energy. This is vital if you are living closely with others, and there is some level of conflict. Try and avoid the rampaging Ox approach!
  • Be brave, and reach out to others, even if this is virtually. Meet new people. I can give you links to beautiful free resources where you will meet other kind souls, who will support you in a community on line. Well facilitated groups are managing this brilliantly and I have benefited personally from these authentic connections. You are never too old to make new friends, and maybe the metal year is encouraging us to let go of some connections that don't feed us anymore.

I would like to encourage you all to reflect on two things to help you move forward into this new phase;

  • Something that you have let go of in 2020, that has really been of benefit? It could be something external, or an internal belief, or way of thinking.
  • How do you want to live individually, and together? Reflect on the quality of your relationship with yourself: kind or critical? I think this matters, because how we behave now affects our future.

We can dream together about what is possible in 2021 and beyond, or we can look at all that is wrong and missing. You have a choice. Mother Earth deserves our respect and care as she holds us all, and provides our greatest medicine. Let's welcome this Mighty Metal Ox!

We are all missing seeing you at the clinic, and hope to open in March.
Sending you love and abundance,
Carolyn, Julie, Kaye and Joxx