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Do not fear, Cycles of Change is still here!

Cycles of Change is Covid-19 secure and will remain open.

Winter is knocking at our door.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a unique, complete system of medicine that is well equipped to support your immune system, reduce stress in the body and mind, and reduce symptoms of post-viral conditions.
Charnwood has moved up to tier 2. However I would like to reassure you that with our vigilant policies in place, we are able to continue to provide full services at the clinic.
A lot of people have expressed how reassured they feel when they see first hand all the cleaning protocols and PPE that are in place at Cycles of Change. Human contact is so vital for humans to thrive and many people are more isolated than ever. During this period please do get in touch if you are feeling alone, and have little or no support.
Our lovely team are still smiling and laughing our way through this crazy event. We all believe that there is a bigger picture to this shake-up. Everyone is being invited to pause, to re-consider what really matters, and what makes our hearts sing for us as individuals. To stay steady and loving in such external chaos is possibly the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others. Not always easy!

I am thrilled to have made a new connection with a local Master in Chue Style feng Shui, Kay Tom.
She has kindly written a beautiful winter seasonal article with some great tips to support ourselves physically and emotionally.