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Checking in with our Cycles of Change Family

An invitation to connect to our inner wisdom.

It's been a week since I last wrote to you all. Possibly one of the longest weeks of all our lives, as we start to re-invent what is normal. The pictures above were taken one month ago in a rain forest in Costa Rica, The most untouched country I have ever visited. I was overwhelmed with the natural beauty and vibrancy of life. Pure QI itself, running through my veins. I felt at peace, and alive! That now seems like a lifetime away.

What now?

Part of me wishes this was a time where we could physically come together in community and bring people together. That would feel quite natural to me. What is challenging, is deliberately avoiding all contact physicall with the outside world, an alien concept to me. I appreciate that virtual connections are a way of keeping in touch,and working, for many, but they've never replaced the real joy of being with people for  me. I have sat very quietly this week with some internal discomfort, grief and sadness, but moments of peace and deeper understanding of this global event, that has touched almost everybody. Here are some of my thoughts, that may or may not support you.

  • There is an enormous volume of external information being offered to us. Be discerning with what you choose to absorb.
  • Try not to look for an external fix for unsettled emotions, like fear, anxiety or grief. Deep, slow, abdominal breathing, closing your eyes, sitting with the discomfort. There are some beautiful, short guided meditations around to help sooth you to sleep.These emotions will transform. Try " Beacon of Light Meditation. A meditation for fear, anxiety, low self-esteem or uncertain times" by Amy Fitta, a friend of mine, who has the voice of an angel.Find this on Youtube.
  • I have shared a lovely simple Acupressure wrist technique on my facebook page, Cycles of Change, called the Buddha triangle, beautifully demonstrated by Sally Varley in Hathern and her little helper!

I have just been told that I am re-licensed as a Doctor again, temporarily, so I can hep. I have had no further instructions as yet. I want to reassure you all that I am not prepared to go into an already struggling NHS front line without adequate protective clothing. I could well be answering 111 calls, or returning as a GP. Who knows?

Our regulatory body, The British Acupuncture Council has put all its members onto a non-practising status, so we are unable to give treatments or advice at present, hence me using other people's material that I trust. We are however still here to support you, so do make contact if you are feeling like you need to talk to me, Julie, Kerry or Kaye.

I do believe that this event could change the world dramatically for the better. I have been expecting this kind of assault on humans for some time. We have become a very arrogant species, and I think the natural world is sighing a huge breath of relief. As we re-connect with the natural world, our health as a species will benefit.Right now we can use this time to pause. My family has grown to 6 over the past week, as a nephew and niece moved in from London. If your children are at home, try and let them find their new norm as well. Mine are attempting home schooling, but I'm not!!

I can't wait to see you all when this chapter ends, and I will keep in touch. You are a very special group of people.
Take great care of yourselves.

Carolyn and the Cycles of Change team.