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Autumn News

We can all feel the chill in the air; the fullness of the season Late Summer in TCM, where the digestive organs are vulnerable to damp and phlegm, and invasion from external pathogens, hence the sudden increased incidence of stomach bugs/gastroenteritis. This season will soon transform, and contract into Autumn where the lungs and large intestine are most vulnerable, and the runny noses begin!

This season encourages us to receive the good stuff, like fresh air, clean, seasonal food(stop the salads now, and move towards porridge, root vegetables, warm or room temperature water to drink, soups) compassion, laughter, movement, and then to let go of physical and emotional baggage that no longer serves us. This includes material stuff, hence a great time to clutter clear, and repetitive ways of thinking that make us feel unwell or stuck in life-not quite as easy to throw away!
Interestingly constipation is sometimes explained as the physical manifestation of the inability to let go of things, thoughts.....

We stock Optibac (British company that solely produce targeted probiotics, with good external research to support their products) and they have one that targets the immune system. It too is affordable at £10 for a month's supply.  Vitamin D capsules are popular as the sun is less available to us now.

Finally I would like to remind you that we have 2 fertility experts in our team to support conception through natural means or to work alongside IVF. Acupuncture with Julie and/or Shiatsu with Kerry are increasing our population very nicely!  We now spend a lot of our fertile years trying hard not to get pregnant, and when the time comes to trying to conceive, it can be incredibly stressful for couples. Both partners can be supported through this process.

Enough for now!
Stay warm, and thank you for continuing to believe in us. We are a privileged team.