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  • Has Spring Sprung?

    You know me well enough by now; I just can't write about Spring until I start to feel it!

    I'm only just there, and still not wholly convinced. 

    This seasonal change is the most challenging for the body. We are invited by the natural world outside, to move from contraction and stillness, to the energy associated with the wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine;Imagine a young, fresh green sapling, bursting through the toughest soil, intent clear, flexible yet strong, determined to thrive and grow. Manifesting the plan planted as a seed last year.We are invited to embrace this vital, new energy that flows through us. Make plans. What ideas do you want to feed and water that will serve you this year? How are you going to adapt and grow whilst life changes and challenges you. 

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  • Full Body Tui Na Massage - Stress relief and energiser

    Are you already getting anxious and stressed about the pre Christmas rush?  Feeling the winter blues?

    Ellie has been practicing with Cycles of Change now for just over a year, she is fully qualified as a Master practitioner.  Normally she offers therapeutic massages which address the problems people present - from bad backs, neck and shoulder and other muscular skeletal problems, low energy, anxiety, and so on.  These treatments are 1 hour and concentrate on the area required to give a remedial therapeutic treatment.

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  • What is Qi?

    On Saturday 4th February 2017, we hosted a workshop to showcase Shiatsu
    and Tui Na; both are ancient bodywork therapies which use differing
    techniques to achieve Qi or energy balance within the body, resulting in
    the homeostatic balance of our internal organ system.

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  • So Just How Important is Food?

    So just how important is Food? What we eat, how we cook it and how we eat it. I'm sure most of you will say 'very important' but there are so many conflicting messages out there that it's hard to know what to do for the best.

    My training certainly covered diet from a Chinese Medicine perspective but I wanted more, to help my own well being and that of my patients. So today I took a trip to the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading (my original training college) for CPD Training and what a fantastic day it has been!

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