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  • Shared Wisdom for Women Support Group

    with Trish Laurence

    Thursday, 11th January 2018 - 11:00 AM

    Price: £5 payable on booking

    Booking: Call on 01509 621122 or mail

    Location: Cycles of Change Clinic

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    We are pleased to use the clinic space to support our community . Shared Wisdom for Women is an informal, open discussion/support group for women aged 40 plus to discuss and share more intimate problems such as:

    • Symptoms associated with the menopause,
    • Genital soreness, dryness, rashes
    • Libido issues
    • Pain

    We are in an age where it is easy to google and difficult to talk about issues that affect a huge number of women. We are bombarded with advice but given little individualised advice. Trish and Sue are 2 very special ladies who, through their own personal stories have gathered a number of effective strategies and products that they have found useful for such symptoms. They are passionate about supporting other women and opening up a much-needed discussion group. The initial meeting will take place on Thursday 11th January 2018 11am-12.30pm at Cycles of Change. The meetings will probably be monthly thereafter and a closed Facebook and/or e-mail group will be set up for ongoing shared discussions.