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  • Shiatsu & Movement Workshop

    with Kerry Pond

    Saturday, 9th September 2017 - 10:00 AM

    Price: £5 payable in advance

    Booking: Booking essential - call on 01509 621122 or mail

    Location: Cycles of Change Clinic

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    Without Movement all things become still and stagnant; Kerry uses movement in her Shiatsu treatments to regain and improve the movement of our Life Force ‘Qi’, joints, muscles, thought processes and habitual patterns created by a lack of ‘movement’.

    The workshop will cover the following topics:  - A brief overview of Shiatsu.  - What is meant by ‘movement’?  - The importance of ‘movement’.  - How Shiatsu and movement realign, rebalance and support the body, mind and spirit for healing and wellbeing.  - What you can do to achieve this balance for wellbeing!