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Cycles of Change is a strong, united team led by registered Doctor, Dr. Carolyn Eddleston MBBS.Dip.Ac.MBAc.C. We care about the new vision of health that we deliver.

Initial contact is with the practitioner most qualified to guide you to the most appropriate treatment options. Traditional Chinese Medicine excels at honouring the individual and their connection with the cycles of life and nature. Our therapies offer far more than a reduction in pain – although they are very effective at that. They actively support your health. People come with a wide range of complaints about their physical and mental health. Our ongoing work is to ensure that we do not join people in their despair, but provide hope and possibility for change in a more positive direction. We work on your internal world, restoring it to a more balanced environment, encouraging healing.

The team at Cycles of Change
Health is not just an absence of symptoms and there is not one fix for all. Health is a feeling of ease and flow in the body and mind and the ability to adapt to what life throws at us. It does not matter what our current reality is, or how distressed we feel. When we are given a healing environment and a space to share our story, relax, and receive treatment from someone that we trust, we begin to change, and the body knows what to do... Dr. Carolyn Eddleston MBBS.DipAc
The Cycles of Change clinic
The Cycles of Change clinic

Some of the conditions that we support:

  • Emotional problems
  • Insomnia
  • Fertility and women’s concerns
  • Stress and tension
  • Pain reduction
  • Children’s health
The Cycles of Change clinic
Treatment Room
I am highly impressed with all aspects of Cycles of Change, including the building and parking; the ease of a getting appointment; the ease of changing an appointment; the knowledge, skills and expertise of the practitioner; and, the treatment provided. It is very refreshing to have a practitioner who is genuinely interested in the holistic care/needs of a patient. An outstanding experience, with a positive result, and I very much look forward to my next appointment. SN